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Logan Hughes
Logan Hughes

My Sons Best Friend Porn

My Ex-girlfriend is my girlfriends best friend.And Ex-girlfriend is a super sadist. Having sex close to his girlfriend. Cheating with Japanese Asian girl who make Hand Jobs, Titty fuck& Pussyfucking.

my sons best friend porn

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I thought it was a bit of a strange requested as he looked quite embarrassed. After all he was my best friends 18 year old son. He was a good looking young man, who was very polite and well mannered. If I was 35 years younger I could easily fancy him. In fact if my daughter had brought him home as a boyfriend I would have been very happy with her choice -- he was a nice boy.

Dan whispered in my ear 'Aren't you a dirty bitch, letting your best friends son fuck you bareback?' I responded my matching his hard thrusts with my own thrusts back against his cock when he was at his deepest. My cervix was now bruised but well adjusted to the battering and I loved the feeling I had each time he pulled out of me. My cervix was closing around his cock head then giving a little bit of resistance each time he pulled out. And the feeling of having his cock head in my womb, knowing that if he came he would be cumming right into my womb really turned me on.

I could still feel him spunking and hissed 'You fucking idiot. I told you not to cum in me you fucking moron. I'm your mothers best friend. She's...she's just walked into the house. What the fuck are you playing at?'

She walked in as Dan explained he felt tired and had gone for a nap. I watched intently, hoping to dear god that she had not heard anything. I was stood naked in the closet of my best friends son. I could feel his cum dribbling out of my pussy and down my inner thighs. 041b061a72


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