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Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu Story Mp3 Download --

Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu Story Mp3 Download --

Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu is a type of folk music and storytelling that originated in Tamil Nadu, India. It is performed by a group of artists who use a bow-shaped instrument called villu to accompany their songs and narrate stories about Sudalai Madan, a folk deity who is believed to be the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Sudalai Madan is worshipped as a guardian of the villages and a protector of the oppressed. He is also associated with cremation grounds, where he is said to reside and grant boons to his devotees.

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The stories of Sudalai Madan are based on local legends, myths, and historical events. They often depict his miraculous deeds, his battles with evil forces, his compassion for the poor, and his justice for the wronged. Some of the popular stories include his birth from a spark of Shiva's third eye, his slaying of a demoness named Karuppayi, his marriage to Mutharamman, his fight with Kali and her army, his rescue of a princess from a tyrant king, and his role in the freedom struggle against the British colonial rule.

Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu is performed during festivals and special occasions in temples dedicated to Sudalai Madan or other deities. The performers wear colorful costumes and makeup, and use props such as swords, shields, masks, and flags. The main storyteller, called villu pattar or villadichan, narrates the story in a rhythmic and poetic manner, while striking the villu on a clay pot. The villu produces a metallic sound that adds to the musical effect. The co-performers, called kottar or kottakkaran, sing along with the villu pattar, play other instruments such as drums and cymbals, and act out the scenes of the story. The audience also participates by clapping, cheering, and responding to the cues of the performers.

Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu is a rich and vibrant form of folk art that reflects the culture and history of Tamil Nadu. It is also a medium of social commentary and education that conveys moral values and messages to the people. Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu is not only a source of entertainment but also a way of expressing devotion and gratitude to Sudalai Madan, who is revered as a benevolent and powerful god.

If you are interested in listening to Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu stories, you can download them in mp3 format from various websites. Some of the websites that offer Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu stories mp3 download are [Sendeepaylas], [Tamil Folk Songs], [Villupattukku Oru Kalvi], and [Villupattukkaran]. You can also watch videos of Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu performances on YouTube or other platforms.

To learn more about Sudalai Madan Villu Pattu and Sudalai Madan, you can read the following articles: [Villu Paatu - Wikipedia], [சடல மடன் - தமழ் வக்கப்பீடய], [Sudalai Madan - Wikipedia].


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