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[S7E2] All Bottled Up

As for bottled up I spent most of the episode thinking Trixie was the stereotypical bad friend with an exception where she cast her first real spell turning things into teacups and getting so happy about it she really needed a hug and congratulations then annoying as her actions were. The ending though where she say's she loves Starlight because she gets angry sometimes makes me wonder if maybe she wasn't as oblivious to what she'd done as she pretended but was deliberately pushing Starlight to get proof she matters by having her friend blow up at her. A little warped but sometimes being scolded does make people feel better about mistakes especially from someone important to them. She is definately worried when Starlight dashes off right afterwards then when she comes back she keeps referencing her getting angry and when Starlight say's she's not mad at all there's a split second where her expression is way too worried for how she comes off afterwards. Starlight is literally Trixies first friend so she's probably as insecure and nervous about their relationship as Starlight is its just for her the way she protects herself is by being "The great and powerful Trixie who know's all and is amazing." So yeah I can see her deliberately goading her friend more and more because she know's she bucked up but their not getting angry at her like she know's they should . . . if . . . they . . . really liked her. Basically the more Starlight bottles up her magic and doesn't act like herself the more Trixie starts to doubt she's really her friend and the more she reverts to her old protective personality while pushing to get a reaction. Especially if she really was as obvlivious as she seems she wouldn't have been so worried about Starlight. Even after they left Granny Smith she's looking worriedly at her not back at where she threw the nuts.

[S7E2] All Bottled Up

All bottled up: I actually liked the lesson a lot, but the story was incredibly boring. Trixie was so annoying and made me angry as well as Starlight. I know that she's supposed to be annoying, but her way of annoying Starlight wasn't entertaining at all. Discord is annoying to other characters but can be fun for viewers to watch, and I think he would have been a much better alternative to Starlight in this episode.

Celestial advice and All bottled up are really good episodes with good lessons and a song. I loved seeing more of the Starlight and Trixie dynamic, good that they both learned important lessons in these episodes. Celestia freaking out over where to send Twilight is a good lesson that even the most powerful / knowledgeable ones have their struggles in life just as much as we do. I really liked all bottled up, you can't bottle up your problems, you have to work at them and be honest to yourself and others. I loved seeing Trixie sit in the throne as she did. Them trying to find the table was hilarious, especially where it ended up.Maud should have been on Starlight's mirror and in these episodes.

The season seven premiere is special because there are two separated two episode. Celestial advice and All bottled are both really good episode. To learn that Celestia was you as unsure as Twili is was really interesting. I was also fascinated to see Twili fantasies was running away. In my opinion a really loveable episode.

All Bottled Up is No Second Prances done right. I really like Starlight and Trixie in this episode. They played off each other very well. I'll admit, it is scary (yet relatable) that Starlight bottled up her anger and Trixie didn't apologize until Starlight called her out on it. I don't know why, but I really want to know more about her and impulsiveness because we've rarely seen that in Season 6. The Main 6's plot is nothing to write home about, but the best part was the song. It's so catchy, so upbeat, and it was so fun. 041b061a72


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