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Property For Sale And Google Maps

Google Maps is a feature provided by Google that allows users to locate maps of businesses, places, cities, regions, countries, and more. Google Maps also provides navigational directions to users who need help traveling from one location to another. Previously, Google Maps had a feature that allowed users to view photos and information for real estate listings specifically, but this feature was discontinued in February 2011. However, Google Maps still contains helpful features that allow users to locate a property by address, and perform research on businesses and other places within the neighborhood. Continue reading this article to learn more about how you can use Google Maps to find homes by address, and use the application to learn more about neighboring areas.

Property for sale and Google Maps

This searchable Real Estate Transfer Return (RETR) database allows you to locate information on property sales in Wisconsin. Five years of RETR data is available to Wisconsin municipal and county officials, local assessors, and the public who need property sales information. Under Wisconsin law, these records are public information.

Search ParcelQuest for Maps and Recent SalesProvided by ParcelQuest, a third-party vendor. In addition to basic parcel information, ParcelQuest results include, maps (PDF format), recent sales in the area, transaction history and other data that they gather as part of their service and may offer additional or more detailed information for a fee.

The Assessment Roll is a public document that lists property values and location information for all taxable real estate, business property and personal property in the county. Information displayed here is current as of the most recently published Assessment Roll and parcel maps are updated monthly.

The primary function of the Hamilton County Real Property Office is to serve as the real estate department for Hamilton County Government. Official responsibilities include managing all sales and lease agreements for County-owned property, administrating the sale of industrial park property, and selling County-owned and jointly-owned (City/County) surplus property.

Since the Real Property Office was established in 1981, there have been 2,822 parcels of unused public property returned to the tax rolls producing over $9.6 million in sales revenue through the sale of surplus and back-tax property.

The Real Property Office stimulates industrial development through the industrial park properties. They handle all sales of industrial park property, follow-up with all contractors, and coordinate inspections to assure safety and compliance.

The Real Property Office handles all direct sales and auctions of surplus and back-tax properties owned by Hamilton County. They perform all aspects of research, document preparation, appraisals, and field review for surplus and back-tax property sales.For any questions you have regarding property sale, check out the frequently asked questions section

We invite you to explore the many services available on our website. It is provided as a service to our customers, the community and the public abroad, to assist in obtaining property ownership information, assessment roll data, building sketches, sales data, parcel ownership maps, aerials and other information on properties within Citrus County, Florida.

The Property Information System is made available to provide easy access to public property information records through an easy to use interface. This site combines data from the Real Estate Assessments division with maps and data from the County GIS. This combination provides in depth property information which can be accessed utilizing maps and by searching for a property using the address, owner name or parcel identification number. Information includes ownership, source of title, sales prices, transfer dates, legal descriptions, descriptions of the land and buildings and a history of assessments. This information is available in our offices located at the Government Center.

Sales prices of homes are not public record in many states, though in states like California they are recorded as part ofthe title transfer with the county assessor. Though it is recorded for the sake of property tax assessments, the sales pricemight not be public record. - Source

A plat map or subdivision plat is drawn by land surveyors and submitted to the Jefferson County planning division for approval. Once approved the plat map is recorded with the Recorder of Deeds. Plat maps or subdivision plats normally show subdivision boundaries, lots, lot numbers, building setback lines and easements. These items are not always provided on the plats. This is a true legal representation of the property.


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