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Logan Hughes
Logan Hughes

Selena Ones 2002 Zip

christmas is over and we are now well into 2020. that doesn't mean we have to abandon all the festive floozies of the season just yet. there is no better time than now to be smitten by the loveliness that is selena gomez, which is one of the many reasons we've put together a playlist for you of her most beloved songs. from 'rise like a phoenix' to 'good for me', these 11 songs give us everything we need to stay merry.

Selena ones 2002 zip

here's selena gomez's playlist of songs she's been loving this past year, from her new music to her old hit singles. of course, if there's any more of her you love, let us know in the comments section.

it may seem like a simple addition, but a wall clock that showcases your family and friends is a wonderful way to make any room feel more alive.when you are not sure what the perfect gift for a friend or family member is, pick up a clock like the ones shown in the picture theyre sure to never miss a important occasion.

the all-new umg/epic records box set selena: 20 years of music is the first to tell the true story of a young girl, sipping a sweet tea with a sleepy melody: as she comes of age, she meets up with a man, befriends a dj and navigates her way to stardom.

hey selena fans! if you're new to my blog and don't already know, i'm a huge fan of the pop star, very much the woman behind the curtains of this really special album. i explained why rare is special in detail earlier this month, here's another recent interview with a selena fan who also went on to become a selena expert (and voice actor!)


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