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About Me

His Royal Child!

Growing up as a child, and for as long as I can remember, I have always had this deep intrinsic desire to help people. As someone who was raised in a Christian household, my relationship with God started from as early as I could start forming memories. One of the things I remember that I always asked God to do was to equip me with all that I needed to help other people in the same way that he did with the disciples and all the famous people that we learn about in the bible. I have always asked God to show me what I could do to make a real and tangible difference in people’s lives. These questions along with my forever burning desire to help people are what led to me founding Child of God Diaries. The topics that I cover here not only stem from my own direct or indirect experiences but also the help that God has given me or those around me with those topics along the way.

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Experienced Mindset Transformation Coach

In addition to the lessons that I have and continue to learn through the school of life, over the years, as part of my personal and professional transformation, I embarked on an education journey to gain more knowledge in the following areas:
Certified Life Coach
Certified Relationship Coach
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
Certified Goal Coach
Certified Group Coach
Certified Life Purpose Life Coach
Certified Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy Coach
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach
Certified Confidence Life Coach
Certified Transformation Life Coach
Certified Family Trauma Professional
Certified Child and Adolescent Psychology Coach
Certified Grief Counseling
and others...

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands or simply feeling burdened or lost, in addition to teaching techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life, my aim is to partner with you as you navigate the storms of your life so that you DO NOT have to go through it all alone while at the same time introducing clarity and promoting self-motivation.

To learn more about the different coaching packages that I have personally designed to achieve this and other services that I offer, click the button below to check out my Services page that has a list of everything available to you through Child of God Diaries.

Child of the Almighty God Himself!

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