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DESTINY WALK Life Coaching

~ Where Passion and Purpose Align~

Based on the biblical scripture found in Matthew 9:37 – “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” This program draws the student closer and closer to God by making a direct link, correlation or connection between their education goals and Gods plan for their life! It offers help or an additional guiding hand along the narrow path which is their journey to finding their place in the Kingdom Workforce aka Godly Centered Career Guidance. It will build confidence in working in this life as a Christian in a world where Christian values are frowned upon and easily dismissed while also developing a good moral character and biblically principled person. And so much more...

Program Benefits...

*Access to over 1700 schools in Canada, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and the Caribbean

*Education planning that is God centered

* Scholarship/Funding Application Assistance

* Successful Letters of Acceptance received for 95% + applications submitted 

* Visa application assistance

* Career Coaching that is Kingdom focused

* Groups and Communities of other Kingdom focused friends to pick from.

* Networking with other people on the same path to help stay motivated.

* Continued support for every step of your journey and every phase of life

* Peace of mind for parents sending children abroad

* And so much more!

Student Goals

* Identifying and Pursue their TRUE PASSION and PURPOSE as given to them by God, their creator.

* Acquire necessary LIFE Skills needed to RUN their RACE and FINISH in a Foreign Land.

* AUTHENTICALLY build Values, Confidence and Good Moral Character

 * Application of BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES to every day REAL Life Situations

* Keys to Academic Success


Commit your work to the Lord, and YOUR PLANS WILL BE ESTABLISHED

~Proverbs 16:3~

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